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/Rewarding Published Articles

Rewarding Published Articles

Rewarding Published Articles

Scope of awards

Researchers who used ONTORES products and services to publish articles in any International recognized journals or SCI journals.

Rewarding standards

The rules follow the latest SCI impact factor:
Journals SCI impact factor Award
SCI 1.0≤IF<5.0 $80 Amazon Gift Card
SCI 5.0≤IF<10.0 $200 Amazon Gift Card
SCI IF≥10.0 $500 Amazon Gift Card

Criteria for application

The article has been published;
To provide the full-text with Ontores' brand name in it;
Ontores will reference the full-text, data and pictures from the article;
Only one award per published article.
Published from January 1st, 2016.

Application process

Please send us electronic version of the published article (s) to;
We will reply to you as soon as we receive your application. The award will be reviewed by our scientific panel and confirmed within 7 working days.
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