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/Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Products sold by Ontores are all intended for research purposes by qualified persons only.Any use of Products for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, or any purchase of Products for resale (alone or as a component), requires a separate license from Ontores.

Payment and Delivery

Invoices shall be payable within thirty (30) calendar days as of the date of invoice by wire transfer/check in the currency of the invoice.If an invoice is not paid on the date due, the Seller reserves the right to suspend deliveries of orders in progress (albeit already partially processed) or subsequent orders in such a case, until payment has been made in full. Payments are charged to Customer credit card upon shipment of product for in stock products or upon initiating production for backorder products. Ontores reserves the right to ship and invoice Customer for partial orders if one or more units is delayed for any reason. In the event of a payment default, Customer shall be responsible for all of NEP’s costs of collection, including court costs, filing fees and attorneys fees.

Changes or Cancellations

Once submitted, any change(s) to your order(s) may be made only with advance written approval of Ontores and such changes may require different terms, including a change in the price and/or time of delivery.Ontores reserves the right to refuse or cancel any Purchase Order in whole or in part by notice to Customer if Ontores reasonably determines that it cannot successfully or safely manufacture the Products as ordered, or that the manufacture, sale or use of the ordered Products is likely to violate any applicable law or regulation.


Ontores warrants to customers that all products manufactured by or for Ontores and delivered hereunder, to Ontores's knowledge will not infringe the claims of any patent, trademark or copyright of any third party. Customer’s submission of the Purchase Order, or payment for any order, conclusively constitutes Customer’s representation and warranty that neither the Specifications nor Ontores’s use of them for purposes of manufacturing and selling Product, nor Customer’s use of any Products.

Guidelines for Safe Use of the Products

Ontores recommends that the buyer and other persons using the products follow Good Laboratory Practice guidelines. Ontores disclaims any and all responsibility for any injury or damage, which may be caused by the failure of the buyer or any other person to follow said guidelines. It is the user's responsibility to determine the applicability of any material and/or procedure for a specific purpose and to adopt such safety precautions as may be necessary.
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