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/Blog/10 Years Anniversary Promotion-Amazon Gift Card

10 Years Anniversary Promotion-Amazon Gift Card

Published: 2019-01-29 16:14:43

keyword:10 Years Anniversary Promotion-Amazon Gift Card

Well regarded as a top performer for chemically synthesizing peptides, Ontores has been committed to providing professionally high-quality products and services to our customers globally since 2009. Ontores offers innovative solutions for synthesis of catalog and custom peptides as well as various structural modifications of peptides.

Research facilities, academic institutions and industrial customers worldwide have trusted Ontores for high-purity peptides and peptide-based APIs. Every year, more and more papers which cited our products were published in top biomedicine journal.

In order to appreciate our customers for their support in the past 10 years, our company will carry out a promotion campaign for all new and old clients. If your order exceeds the specific price , you can get gifts(Amazon Gift Card) with 5% value of the order amount.

For more detail information, please contact our sales (

Our company reserves the right of final interpretation for this promotion activity.

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