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/Blog/ACS NANO reports on a new method for accurately assessing cancer invasion and metastasis

ACS NANO reports on a new method for accurately assessing cancer invasion and metastasis

Published: 2018-12-04 16:14:43

keyword:ACS NANO reports on a new method for accurately assessing cancer invasion and metastasis

   Recently, ACS NANO (IF 13.7) published an article titled "The Precise Diagnosis ofCancer Invasion/ Metastasis via 2D Laser Ablation Mass Mapping ofMetalloproteinase in Primary Cancer Tissue", which discover an innovative diagnostic method for cancer invasion andmetastasis.  


   In this research, scientists developedpeptide-coated Au clusters with intrinsic red fluorescence and a specific masssignal. When these clusters labeled MT1-MMP in tumor tissue sections derivedfrom the xenograft lung carcinoma model, human lung carcinoma and human renalcarcinoma, they could directly observe MT1-MMP via optical fluorescencemicroscopy and quantitatively detect the MT1-MMP expression level via laserablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 2D mapping (2D-LA-MassMapping). By observing and quantifying the MT1-MMP expression level in primaryhuman lung carcinoma and human renal carcinoma tissue sections, they preciselyassessed the risk of primary tumor invasion/metastasis. The experimentalprocedure is as follows:


Significant sense:

   They demonstrated that the expression level of MT1- MMP inprimary tumor tissue is well correlated with the tumor regional invasion/remotemetastasis both for lung adenocarci-noma and renal cancer. Therefore, earlydiagnosis of primary tumor invasion/metastasis can  be  achieved by  2D-LA-Mass Mapping of MT1-MMPin tumor tissues. This method will have major benefits for clinical therapy andprognosis of primary tumor patients. They developed a method to construct Auclusters using CL peptides. Their mass mapping method of MT1-MMP in primarytumors had excellent accuracy compared with traditional H&E/IHC/IFassessment.

 Highlight:Au clusters

    They designed a functional peptide to construct Au clusterprobes. The peptide sequence is H2N-CCYHWKHLHNTKTFL-COOH (CL). The CC captures Auclusters, and the HWKHLHNT- KTFL can specifically target MT1-MMP. The CL-coatedAu (Au-CL) clusters have the following functions: (1) specific targeting ofMT1-MMP by the CL peptide; (2) in situ fluorescent labeling of MT1-MMP proteinon cells/tissues as Au clusters with red light emission; and (3) precisequantification of MT1-MMP membrane protein on cells/tissues as Au clusters withspecific mass signals. Furthermore, a laser ablation inductively coupled plasmamass spectrometry 2D mapping (2D-LA-Mass Mapping) instrument was used toquantify the MT1-MMP level in primary tumor tissue sections.



Article link address:

The peptide (H2N-CCYHWKHLHNTKTFL-COOH) was synthesized by asolid-phase and purchased from ONTORES BIOTECH.

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