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/Blog/ONTORES was invited to the EPS conference and it was a great success!

ONTORES was invited to the EPS conference and it was a great success!

Published: 2018-09-06 16:46:15

keyword:ONTORES was invited to the EPS conference and it was a great success!

The 35th European Peptide Symposiumconcluded successfully in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, August 26-31, 2018.Speakers at the conference included BeateKoksch fromFree University of Berlin,David r. Spring fromUniversity of Cambridge and many other known experts in thefield of peptide drug research.

35EPS Session Topics

Amino acids and peptide synthesis

Protein synthesis and semi-synthesis

Peptides in chemical biology andtherapeutics

Structural and conformational studies

Biologically active peptides

Peptide mimetics

Prodrugs, conjugates, targeting and uptake

Peptide in proteomics and bioinformatics

Nanotechnology, imaging and analyticaltechniques

Peptide-based materials and catalysis

Glycopeptides and lipopeptides

Macromolecular assemblies

Biochemistry and biology 

ONTORES has been engaged in EPS conferencefor many years and has gained a certain popularity and good reputation inEuropean market. At this meeting, many key customers from Europe came toONTORES booth and had extensive and in-depth communication on business with us.In addition, more than 100 new customers came to our booth and showed interestin our products and services.


                      The exhibition scene                                                         The exhibition scene


                      Chandralal Hewage visited ONTORES booth                  Group photo with customer


                      Our booth was welcomed by the customer                      Our booth was welcomed by the customer


Founded in 2009, ONTORES BIOTECHNOLOGIES isa world leading biotechnology company. We are committed to providingprofessional high quality peptide products and peptide customized services forglobal customers. The ONTORES platform provides integrated solutions for thedevelopment of polypeptide drug technologies, from technology development tosmall and pilot trials of clinical pharmaceutical products and commercial scaledrug production needs, helping our partners realize the unlimited possibilityof exploring new drugs.

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