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Peptide Library

Peptide Library is a large collection of synthetic peptides with a systematic combination of amino acids. These synthetic peptide library screening tools are used in epitope peptide mapping, peptide library screening for drug target validation, vaccine development and more.

We can produce 48-576 peptides in one single production cycle at very low cost, conveniently freeze dried in 8 x 12 microtiter trays or individually numbered vials ready for use. ONTORES peptide libraries offer a flexible selection of peptide purity levels ranging from crude to 98% purity. All purified peptides are delivered with a QC reports of HPLC, MS, and COA to ensure the highest quality.

Types of Peptide Library

Overlapping Peptide Library: Individual peptides can be divided into several fragments that overlapped. The resulting overlapping peptide libraries can then be used for processes including continuous and linear epitope mapping.

Truncation Peptide Library: The library of truncated peptides could be used to predict the minimum length amino acid that could be used to achieve optimal epitope activity.

Alanine Peptide Scanning Library: Each amino acid is substituted individually and systematically for alanine. This library enables quick determination of each individual amino acid's contribution to the peptide's functionality.

Random Peptide Library: Selected positions are substituted with all 20 natural amino acids simultaneously, which might increase peptide activity.

Scrambled Peptide Library: Scrambled library has the highest variation of any peptide library. The resulting peptides are used generally as negative controls to show that a specific sequence is critical to the protein function or activity. It is also a random screening tool used to find new leads.

Positional Peptide Library: Selected sites or regions within a peptide sequence are replaced systematically with all other natural amino acids. This allows for amino acids that enhance peptide activity to be identified.

Applications of Peptide Library

Peptide library services for both small and large libraries are easily synthesized. Peptide libraries have been successfully used to prepare libraries for the following applications:

  • Epitope mapping
  • Vaccine research
  • Protein-protein interaction analysis
  • Customized peptide microarray production
  • Kinase assays
  • Novel drug structure studies

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Peptide Library Service Specifications

Crude Peptide Library Purified Peptide Library
Length 5-20aa 5-20aa
Purity Crude Desalted to 98%
Quantity Crude 1-5 mg,6-10mg,11-20mg, 20mg above
Turnaround Time 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
Minimum Order Size Not less than 24 peptides Not less than 24 peptides
QC/QA HPLC, MS, COA for each peptide

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