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cGMP Peptide Synthesis Services

The use of peptides in clinical applications is increasing every year. Dozens of peptides are already marketed as drugs and hundreds more are in different stages of clinical development. Peptides are used as drugs because of their outstanding characteristics of small molecular weight, highly selective targeting, high activity, low toxicity, easy permeation and absorption and so on. With the growing market scale, more and more companies choose to take part in this market.

With its capacity for commercial current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) manufacturing and capabilities for small scale non-GMP custom peptides, ONTORES can meet the requirements of all stages of pharmaceutical peptide development from research to commercialization.

ONTORES is your trusted source of highly complex peptides. We strive to exceed expectations by investing in ongoing development of proprietary chemistries that deliver the highest quality peptides. ONTORES provide flexible batch sizes from small scale to large scale manufacturing including synthesis, purification, and lyophilization.

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